Thank you for your interest in becoming a CPR Instructor.

We are one of the largest CPR training providers in Florida and rapidly expanding. We are looking for people who are currently American Heart Association BLS CPR Instructors. You would teach CPR Classes, First Aid, Bloodborne, and potentially more for our organization in our office and also travel to businesses to do onsite training. We can work around your schedule and any existing job you already have if you desire. There is opportunity to teach 3 times per week or more. Never worry about showing up to an empty class. We pay you either way for your time.


  • Current AHA BLS Instructor
  • Ability to teach in front of small groups no larger than 15 people.
  • Friendly and outgoing attitude to maintain a fun feel in class.
  • Strong time management skills.
  • Ability to travel to businesses who require large onsite training.

Payment Terms

  • Instructors are paid 25 dollars per hour minimum for the days we are scheduled  to have class even if we cancel the class or no one shows up to class.
  • On top of the base pay instructors earn an additional 5 dollars per class for each person that shows up to class.
  • Instructor pay is capped out at 60 dollars an hour.
  • If the instructor does not show up to scheduled class that was not canceled by us they will not be paid for that class.

If you are interested please leave your name and email.

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